Welded Windows

Direct Bond Glass

With welded windshield systems, frame parts are welded together, and the glass is direct-bonded into the frame with either a silicone sealant or urethane adhesive. The proprietary glass bonding methods developed by Taylor Made, working closely with sealant suppliers such as 3M and Sikaflex, along with the frame's welded construction, provides a totally leak-proof system for the customer.

Typically, these systems are the windshields of choice for boats with fully enclosed cockpits or cabins, where it is of the utmost importance that these areas remain watertight. In order to ensure that these windshields are 100% leak-proof, and that they are able to serve their, often, structural function on a boat, the welded systems usually have a heavier, sturdier appearance than mechanical systems.

  • Design integrated with Taylor Made hatches, doors, portlights and windshields
  • Security locking latch
  • Combination of sliding, fixed or double fixed panels, to meet OEM boatbuilders’ requirements
  • Weather resistant polyester powder coating
  • Drain channels for ensured water drainage
  • EPDM vinyl glazing covers
  • Interior trim rings for various hull thicknesses
  • Heavy duty welded aluminum construction
  • Taylor Made tempered safety glass for scratch resistance and clarity
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