Power Window Systems

Power Windows

Taylor Made’s vertical drop window, with its tempered glass and flush glazed finish, is especially engineered for boats over 40 feet in length with pilothouses or salons.

To protect against the elements, the lower box section is designed to collect water, where it is drained with a hose. In addition, to ensure maximum protection against leaks, the window has a flocked track that also keeps the window aligned and secured when closed. Furthermore, encapsulated air cushions the window, preventing it from opening and closing too quickly, thereby protecting against unnecessary wear.

  • Taylor Made tempered safety glass
  • Flush mounting for sleek appearance
  • Interior latch mechanism makes opening and operating the window easy
  • For extra security, extruded overlays prevent the window from being opened from the outside
  • Lower box section collects water, where a hose drains it away
  • Flocked track for watertightness and secure door alignment
  • Encapsulated air cushions the window, saves on wear and tear
  • Custom sizes and shapes available for boatbuilders’ specifications
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