Direct-Bond Welded Systems

Direct Bond Welded Windshield

With Taylor Made’s Direct-Bond Welded Windshield Systems, glass is bonded to the outside of the windshield frame, flush with the adjacent fiberglass. This gives the system a clean, modern, all-glass look, despite the fact that beneath the surface lies a robust welded frame with a polyester powder coat finish.

Overall, this system is more cost effective than direct bond glass installations. It saves the boat builder time and money versus bonding glass directly to the fiberglass structure of the vessel, as well as providing structural benefits.

  • Clean modern look
  • Glass bonded to outside of frame, flush with adjacent fiberglass
  • Robust welded frame for larger boats with polyester powder coat finish
  • More cost effective than direct bond installations
  • Fixed, hinged and sliding panels are all fully integrated
  • Sliders can be horizontal, vertical or slanted
  • Sliding options: top down, bottom up, forward or aft
  • Available manually or electrically actuated (w/pinch protection)
  • Walk-thru doors available
  • Bug screens available
  • Stainless steel top trim available for open boats
  • Fronts available: flat, pressed or ClearCurveŽ glass
  • Sliders and hinged vents available: flat or pressed glass
  • Powder coated aluminum or stainless steel corners available
  • Recess and drainage to be incorporated into deck mold
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