privacy hatches

Privacy Hatch

The patent pending Taylor Made privacy shade hatch guarantees the highest degree of privacy without hindering light transmission, even in the closed position. Composed of a layer of plex and another of glass, the hatch is easy to maneuver and maintain, and an opening around the edge prevents moisture from accumulating between the two layers.

The outer layer of the hatch is sandblasted, rather than painted, preventing the shaded plex layer from chipping away or fading. Additionally, Taylor Made’s hatch is designed with tempered safety glass for scratch resistance and features an innovative slide mechanism. The privacy shade hatch is available in an assortment of Ultra III hatch sizes.

  • Easily replaces a standard hatch; no special tools/parts needed for installation
  • Accommodates all standard screens and trim rings
  • Double layer design: 1) Interior layer of shaded plex; 2) Exterior layer of scratch resistant tempered safety glass
  • Designed to prevent moisture from collecting between the two layers
  • 1/8” plex layer can be removed for repair, if necessary, using a standard Phillips head screwdriver
  • Simple to operate – grab knob and slide open, close, or partly open/closed
  • When open, the lens offers 40% visibility, sufficient for seeing objects a few feet away
Hatch Number Hatch Opening Main Frame Deck Opening Main Frame OD of Cover Frame Spigot Depth Deck Profile Height Corner Cut-Out Radius Weight LBS.
1212PH 11-1/4" x 11-1/4" 12" x 12" 13-15/16" x 13-15/16" 1-1/4"7/8"1-27/32" 8
1318PH 12-1/18" x 16-15/16" 12-7/8" x 17-11/16" 14-3/4" x 19-9/16"1-1/4" 7/8"1-27/32" 10
1818PH 17-1/16" x 17-3/4" 17-13/16" x 18-1/2" 19-3/4" x 20-7/16"1-1/4" 7/8"1-27/32" 18
2020PH 18-3/4" x 18-3/4" 19-15/16" x 19-15/16" 22-1/2" x 22-1/2"1-1/4" 7/8"1-27/32" 20
2222PH 21" x 21" 22-3/16" x 22-3/16" 24-3/4" x 24-3/4"1-1/4" 7/8" 1-27/32"22
20RPH 19-3/16" (ROUND) 20-3/8" 22-15/16"1-1/4" 7/8" N/A21

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