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3D Printer

In our continuous efforts to invest capital in technology that will enhance our engineering and design capabilities, Taylor Made Systems now has an in-house, state-of-the-art 3D printer. The Dimension Elite features the finest resolution of any Stratasys Design Series Performance 3D Printer. Driven by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, it prints in nine colors of real ABSplus thermoplastic a production-grade thermoplastic that is durable enough to perform virtually the same as production parts.

This means that Taylor Made Systems can now print functional, durable 3D models of our most intricate product designs. It turns our 3D CAD files into models with fine feature detail; models that we cannot only examine, but test. The advantages that we now have in being able to print 3D product mockups and functional models are both exciting and eye opening.

Additionally, we are offering the services of our 3D printer to others. For more information, file requirements and cost, please contact:


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