Glass Furnaces


Glass Furnace

Taylor Made Systems utilizes proprietary, in-house glass tempering and furnace operations at our facilities in Payne, Ohio and Templemore, Ireland. Our ability to transform raw glass sheets into curved, wraparound, tempered safety glass windshields gives boat manufacturers maximum design flexibility, providing a competitive advantage.

  • Ability to form complex shapes while maintaining superior optical clarity sets Taylor Made apart from the competition
  • Continue to add state of the art cutting, drilling and painting equipment necessary to out pace the constant evolution in customer designs
  • Jumbo glass manufacturing & handling
  • Bent glass in sizes up to 8.2 x 10 (2500 mm x 3048 mm), with a depth of bend of 2 (500 mm)
  • Flat glass in sizes up to 5 x 10 (1520 mm x 3048 mm) for glass that is thicker than .2 (4 mm)
  • 3D solid design modeling integrates with direct generation of glass shapes
  • Unique capabilities have made us the ideal partner for some of the worlds leading OEMs
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

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